Cold Pressing
Essential Fatty Acids



Yandilla uses small expellers made in India for its cold pressing requirements. The mills are de-turned so that meal-cake at the mill never exceeds 42 Degrees Celcius.

This means that the percentage of oil left in the seed cake is quite high but it also means that the quality of the pressed oil is very high.

No glucosinalates are released into the oil and so we get our premium nutty flavour.

The oil is then passed through 18 chamber filter presses using less that 50 PSI pressure. Once through the filer presses the oil is passed through fine 5 micron cloth filters before being locked away in drums or tanks for future bottling. All bottling is done to order so there is no oil standing around in the sunlight.

Pungent oil is made by taking the meal-cake and passing it through a number of Chinese expellers. In this process the meal is aspirated to induce better bonding on the way through the expellers. This process releases the glucosinaltes into the oil thereby producing the rich pungent flavour so liked by Indian communities.

The whole process is kept very simple and at no time is any heat used.