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Essential Fatty Acids


Essential Fatty Acids

At 5%, Mustard seed oil has the lowest saturated fat content of the edible oils. In addition the oil has the ideal balance of OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6.

The OMEGA'S are essential fatty acids (EFA'S), essential because our bodies cannot make them. We must have them in a adequate supply to keep our bodies healthy as a deficiency results in a gradual deterioration of the bodies tissue and cells.

The superior fatty acid profile makes this oil a must use for the health conscious food lover.

The linolenic acid (OMEGA 3) found in mustard seed oil may provide a powerful protection against cardiac arrhythmias. Some reports suggest that OMEGA 3's also have an anti-inflammatory influence that could benefit asthma and arthritis sufferers.

Linoleic acid (OMEGA 6) is also part of mustard seed oil. OMEGA 6 helps transport cholesterol, fight immune infections and prevent development of allergies. The ideal balance of OMEGA 3 and 6 (1:2) occurs naturally in mustard seed and this gives the oil a very impressive shelf life of three years.